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Hempstead Commuter Rail

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

The Gulf Coast Rail District launched the Conceptual Engineering Study for Hempstead Corridor Commuter Rail in 2012 to determine the feasibility of operating commuter trains along the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) Eureka Subdivision. The 44 mile corridor runs parallel to US 290 through northwest Harris County to the City of Hempstead in Waller County.

Commuter rail in the Hempstead corridor has been contemplated for several years. According to the 2008 H-GAC Regional Commuter Rail Connectivity Study, the high level of commuter demand and low level of freight rail operations in the corridor make it a prime candidate for commuter rail operations.

The GCRD study, funded under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 (ARRA), provided data regarding potential ridership, station locations, connectivity to local transit and essential capital improvements. With the addition of data from UPRR regarding potential impacts on existing freight rail operations that may require mitigation and costs associated with use of the track, the Gulf Coast Rail District will have defined the requirements for commuter rail in the Hempstead corridor.


Hempstead Commuter Rail Final Report
Download PDF • 5.72MB
Hempstead Commuter Rail Executive Summary
Download PDF • 1.59MB
Study Map
Download PDF • 104KB


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